author: Elmo Trolla

Links for 2019

Mon 01 April 2019

WebAssembly tests:

cultivator - webgl/webassembly - 20000 (or was it 50000?) bugs chasing the mouse cursor. rendered fully in pixel shaders (even the legs), two triangles per bug. (does not work on macos safari).

muhucycle - webgl/webassembly - a simple webgl protogame, homage to elastomania and action supercross. only left/right arrow keys are used. (github)

aniplot (github) - open source realtime telemetry graph widget/renderer. fast and intuitive zooming and panning. when zoomed out, shows the average trendline and min/max values. example screenshot of aniplot at work.

Head tracking for 3D TV-s

Wed 22 August 2012


Some years ago I tried to play with 3D and head tracking. The idea was popularized by Johnny Chung Lee and is explained in But since I didn't have a wiimote, I used my macook webcam and two red LEDs for tracking. Results can be seen in this year 2007 video.

But what surprised me was that there was no portal illusion when watching with the naked eye, or even with only one eye. The brain just refused to believe that the world visible on the screen is part of the real world. I didn't know whether it was a problem with head tracking accuracy (camera position and angle), delay (~100ms at the time), jitter (camera resolution, sub-pixel accuracy for LED position calculations), lack of stereo (separate picture for each eye) or the lack of focal depth. Still don't know for sure, but John Carmack's this years QuakeCon keynote suggests that the main problem is the delay.

But now, in the era of github and 3D TV-s, it's time to upgrade the experiment. This time I'm using a WiiRemote for LED tracking (to get rid of the 100ms delay) and a 3D TV to render a separate picture for each eye.

(The sad thing is that nearly every TV introduces its own 100ms of lag. Oh well, can't have everything..)

Link to the evolving project in github.